Methods Of Treatment

Methods Of Treatment

B Physical Therapy utilizes a multi-modal approach to your care. We will discuss the treatments that will best suit your individual needs during your first visit. Below are some the methods of treatment we may incorporate into your plan:


Spinal Manipulation/Mobilization

We utilize this type of treatment with the goal of reducing pain and improving motion in the spine. We may use a variety of different techniques depending on what YOU need. We’ll explain each technique prior to treatment so you understand the goal of each hands-on intervention. Additional methods of treatment coupled with spinal manipulation/mobilization typically improve long-term results. Our expertise in this area will make you feel comfortable and yields therapeutic results.


Soft Tissue Mobilization

We use this type of treatment with the goal of reducing your symptoms and improving motion in the specific area of the body being treated. We utilize a variety of techniques to enhance your mobility. We may incorporate active movements during mobilization to improve the effectiveness of each treatment. Additional methods of treatment coupled with soft tissue mobilization typically improve long-term results.


Pain Neuroscience

Have you ever wondered why you hurt? It’s a pretty complex question and the answer can sometimes be just as difficult to understand. We’ll help you better understand why you’re in pain. Sometimes, we hurt due to a combination of many different factors. We can help walk you through each factor and how to address these in order to begin living a pain-free life.


Neuromuscular Retraining

We utilize this type of treatment to create new movement patterns or refine previously learned patterns. This incorporates the saying “perfect practice makes perfect performance.” We strive to improve the efficiency that your brain and nerves communicate with your muscles to improve your overall movement.


We utilize a gradual progression of customized exercises to improve the tolerance of your tissues to stretch or contract. This may include strengthening, range of motion, flexibility/mobility training, and endurance.

Therapeutic Exercise


We strive to improve your ability to do your daily activities like household chores, yard work, playing with your children, or improving your ability to do your job. This type of treatment focuses on improving your ability to perform these more challenging activities in order to make each task easier.

Functional Training


Are you feeling lost on how to get back to playing your favorite sport or getting back to fun activities? Let us help guide you! We’re experts in strength and conditioning and getting you back on the court, field, course, or any activity that you find joyful.

Return to Sport/Activity


Sometimes, we have specific triggers for our pain. If you’re not sure, we can help you figure them out. Then, we can make modifications to improve your ability to do the things you love.

Activity Modification


This includes electrical stimulation (E-stim), ultrasound, heat, cryotherapy (ice), and taping. These are typically used to provide short-term symptom relief. We will discuss which of these treatments may be best for your recovery during your first visit.



Additional Services


Workplace Wellness Programs

Did you know that people who don’t exercise regularly are less happy with their job than those who exercise routinely?

Let us help make your life at work more enjoyable by prescribing a personalized or team program to improve your happiness and productivity at work.


Fitness Assessments

Do you want to make sure things are moving correctly?

Are you a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, or recreational athlete who needs to improve your performance?

We offer fitness assessments that analyze your strength, flexibility, functional mobility, and balance. We can also do additional specific tests depending on your individual needs and goals.


Fitness/Wellness Programs

Wondering how to exercise with a safe and smart program after your formal rehabilitation had ended?

Have you been injured in the past and are now looking for a safe and effective training regimen?

Physical Therapists are movement experts. We will evaluate you and your current exercise program. We will help you create a progressive exercise routine specifically geared toward your goals. We will ensure the routine is safe and comprehensive.

Don’t have all the fancy equipment? That’s okay! We’ll get creative to make sure you have a thorough program that can be performed in the comfort of your own home, office, or gym.


Do you feel unsteady?

Do you feel like you might fall?

Have you fallen in the past 6 months?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you should have a balance assessment. We will perform specific tests to assess your balance and determine your risk for falls. We can then discuss treatment options to improve your balance, your confidence and decrease your risk for falls in the future.

Balance and Fall Risk Assessments


Yes, that’s right! We will be offering weekly Yoga classes very soon. Keep an eye on our page for the schedule!

Yoga Classes